Today, orthodontic treatment is simple, convenient and affordable for patients of all ages. And an attractive smile is just one of the benefits. Orthodontic treatment results in correctly aligned teeth that provide ideal jaw function and a great smile! Additionally, your teeth are easier to clean and more resistant to gum disease. Perhaps most importantly, orthodontic treatment almost always provides improved self-confidence.

How Does Treatment Work

Each patient’s orthodontic condition requires a treatment plan based on a specialized diagnosis of the case. The treatment process involves X-rays, dental impressions and photographs. Braces have one aim: to use gentle pressure to move teeth into proper alignment. Treatment time varies depending on age, patient compliance and the severity of the condition. Generally, treatment lasts from 18 to 24 months and is facilitated by ideal patient cooperation.

At My Kidz Dentist we use the newest technology in orthodontic treatment, the Damon System. With the Damon System, treatment time is typically shorter than with conventional braces. A shorter treatment time means fewer appointments and more comfort and Damon brackets are smaller and easier to clean thus, helping your child maintain proper oral hygiene.

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