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If your child freezes with fear when you mention the word “dentist," laser dentistry offers a painless, needle-free way to get the oral healthcare they need. The My Kidz Dentist team in Phoenix, Arizona, uses safe, gentle laser technology to painlessly treat cavities, gum disease, and many other oral-health issues. To learn more about laser dentistry offered at My Kidz Dentist, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online.

Laser Dentistry Q & A - Service Coming Soon!

What is laser dentistry?

Although laser dentistry might sound like something lifted from the pages of a science-fiction novel, this technology makes it possible to provide painless, needle-free treatments for a wide range of conditions.

Using a tool that delivers a highly concentrated, invisible beam of light, your dentist can drill cavities, treat gingivitis, and even alleviate the “tongue-tied” syndrome caused by a malformed lingual frenum.

What issues can laser dentistry treat?

Part drill, part scalpel, your dentist can use this versatile technology to:

  • Penetrate enamel, cavities, and dentin
  • Reduce oral bacteria
  • Promote wound healing
  • Eliminate “tongue-tied” condition with frenectomies
  • Remove gum tissues overgrowing teeth (operculum)
  • Perform root planing
  • Cleanse root canals

How does laser dentistry work?

When your dentist focuses the laser on hard or soft tissue, the area heats up, expands, and produces tiny “explosions” called ablations. Although this sounds painful, it is remarkably painless. In fact, most children notice little more than a warming sensation.

What are the advantages of laser dentistry?

By far the most significant advantage of laser dentistry is that it’s painless. Most children require no local anesthesia for treating cavities, gums, or other soft tissues. Because laser procedures cause less bleeding than scalpels, stitches are often unnecessary.

Even better, lasers virtually eliminate the pain, swelling, and numbness that often follows traditional dental procedures. This faster healing time means your child can get out of the dentist’s chair and back to their routine as quickly as possible.

Is laser dentistry safe for my child?

The lasers used at My Kidz Dentist are FDA-certified and approved by the American Dental Association. Your dentist at My Kidz Dentist uses them to safely and comfortably treat a variety of children’s oral health issues, from cavities to soft-tissue surgeries.

What should I expect during my child’s laser-dentistry procedure?

Because most laser-dentistry procedures don’t require local anesthesia, your child won’t have to face the prospect of the “big needle.”

Apart from a little warming in the treatment area, most patients experience no pain or discomfort during their procedures. As the laser does its work, your child might hear quiet popping sounds, but otherwise, the tool operates silently. When the procedure is over, your child will have very little — if any — pain, numbness, or discomfort.

Laser dentistry removes the fear and pain from oral treatments and procedures. Contact My Kidz Dentist today to learn how this technology can improve your child’s oral health.