At-Home Tips to Help Your Child With Tooth Pain

At-Home Tips to Help Your Child With Tooth Pain

A toothache, whether mild or crippling, is a terrible thing to have. Even with good oral hygiene habits, toothaches can still affect you, or worse, your child. Whatever the cause, you can stay ahead of long, fussy nights by keeping some easy and gentle home remedies in your home. 

The experienced team of pediatric dentists at My Kidz Dentist treat achy teeth in and around Phoenix, Arizona, bringing relief to children and parents alike. Your provider at My Kidz Dentist can offer you some tips to keep tooth pain at bay, as well as the best ways to reduce the likelihood of your child developing a toothache.

What causes toothaches in children?

Children and adults can both be affected by toothaches. What causes toothaches ultimately depends on the condition of the aching tooth. Toothaches can be caused by a piece of food or foreign object trapped between the teeth or just under the gum line. Pain can also come from a broken tooth as well as from cavities, infections, abscesses, or teeth grinding. In tiny children, teeth erupting from the gums can be uncomfortable.

Though not every toothache results in a lost tooth, it’s often the case that aforementioned cavities and infections are the source of tooth pain. If your child’s tooth pain lasts for longer than one day, you should contact your provider at My Kidz Dentist. Your provider can give your child an exam, which will give them a better look at what could be causing your child’s tooth pain. 

What to do about a toothache at home

If your child says they have a toothache, reassure them that you’ll do your best to help them feel better. Children may have a difficult time expressing that they have a toothache. A child may say, “My mouth hurts,” or “It hurts right here,” while pointing at their face. 

An achy tooth doesn’t have to ruin your child’s day. Here are a few things you can do to give your child some relief from tooth pain

Cold compress

Some tooth pain is mild enough that a little bit of ice in a bag or a frozen item wrapped in a towel may stave off the pain. Gently pressing a cold item against a painful spot on the body helps to reduce inflammation. 

Salt or hydrogen peroxide

In a cup of warm water, mix a half teaspoon of salt, and stir until the salt is dissolved. Or, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water in a glass. Show your child how to swish the mixture around their mouths and spit it out. Saltwater is both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Hydrogen peroxide is highly antiseptic.

Peppermint tea

The natural antibacterial properties and soothing abilities of peppermint tea make it a wonderful at-home treatment for your child’s tooth pain. Boil a cup of water, and turn off the heat. Wait for approximately five minutes for the water to settle, and then pour over a bag of peppermint tea. 

Allow the tea to steep for five minutes before removing the bag and allowing the tea to cool before serving. 

Clove oil

Clove oil is extracted from clove leaves and is a versatile home remedy and holistic medication. You can use a few drops in water as a mouth rinse, or apply a few drops to a cotton ball, and dab the problem tooth. 

Pain medication

If your child’s tooth pain is severe, and more conservative options aren’t working, it’s okay to give your child an appropriate dose of acetaminophen. If you aren’t sure about the dosage, your pediatrician can help you. 

You can’t prevent toothaches

As mentioned, there is no fool-proof way to outright prevent all toothaches. The first line of defense for your oral health is prevention, which starts with proper and consistent oral healthcare. Twice-daily brushing and flossing, coupled with regular dental check-ups and a tooth-friendly diet can minimize tooth pain in everyone. 

If your child’s tooth pain lasts for longer than a day, it’s possible that they’re having a more severe dental issue. Whatever the cause, the less time that your child spends in pain, the better. We’re available at any of our three Phoenix-area offices today. You can also book an appointment with us online. 

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