How to Prepare Your Child for a Dental Filling

How to Prepare Your Child for a Dental Filling

Dental health is crucial at every age, especially during those formative years. Despite our best efforts, cavities sometimes sneak their way in, and our little ones need a dental filling. The mere thought of any medical procedure can be daunting for a child, but with the right preparation, your kiddo can confidently sail through it. 

At My Kidz Dentist, our experienced pediatric team has years of experience helping parents prepare their children for dental fillings and other procedures. 

Here are our top tips for preparing your child for a dental filling:

Explain the procedure in a positive way

Let your child know what is going on in simple, positive terms. You can explain that the dentist will clean a spot on their tooth to keep it healthy and strong and that our tools may make some noise.

Avoid scary words

Avoid using words like drilling or shot when discussing the dental filling with your child. Instead, you can use child-friendly language to help explain what they can expect.

Play dentist with your child

Use role-playing to help your child experience going to the dentist. Let your child be both the patient and the dentist to help familiarize the process and make it less intimidating when they come in for their appointment.

Read children’s books about the dentist

Many children’s books can help relieve anxiety about dental appointments. They use appropriate language and help change a child’s perspective from fear or anxiety about the dentist into excitement.

Bring distractions to your appointment

Consider bringing your child’s favorite blanket or toy to their appointment to help them feel more secure. You may also consider earphones with an audiobook or music or ask us about available in-office distractions to help put your child at ease.

Stay calm

If you’re nervous on the appointment day, your child will pick up on that energy. If you experience dental anxieties, try to manage them beforehand or ask the child’s other parent or a grandparent to bring them to the appointment.

Discuss the aftercare

Many children do not like feeling numb after a dental procedure. Explain that they may have a funny feeling in their mouth for a little while after their appointment, and that it’s just their mouth’s way of healing.

Celebrate their bravery

After the filling, commend your child for their bravery. A small reward like a sticker or choosing what's for dinner can make the experience feel victorious for them.

Remember, the goal is to create a dental experience that feels safe, easy, and even enjoyable for your child. At My Kidz Dentist, we're committed to ensuring that every child leaves our clinic smiling because of our dental work and care. Contact us today, or schedule an appointment online at your nearest office in Phoenix, Arizona.

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