My Child Is Nervous About Having a Root Canal

My Child Is Nervous About Having a Root Canal

Root canals aren’t just for grownups and adolescents. Children, too, sometimes require root canals, with an estimated 20% of children living with an untreated and rotting tooth. Root canals are not only common for everyone, including children, but they are essential to protecting your child’s oral health. 

Everything about tiny teeth is our specialty at My Kidz Dentist. Our team of experienced and compassionate providers are ready to answer any questions you may have about your child’s oral health. They’re also well-versed with cavities in young children and offer the necessary guidance to prevent the need for another root canal. 

What exactly is a root canal? 

The main purpose of a root canal is to remove infected tooth pulp from your tooth, which is the source of both bacteria and pain. The pain will likely be reason enough to call your provider at My Kidz Dentist, but the problem with your tooth may have a couple of different causes, including:

The most common causes of infected tooth pulp in children are dental caries and trauma to the tooth. It’s important to know that, even in the cause of tooth trauma, your child might not have any visible damage to their tooth. The pain of the damaged pulp, though, will be the first indication of an issue. 

How can I help my child to be less nervous about their root canal?

Start by talking to your little one about the upcoming procedure. Explain to them that they’re going to receive a special medication that stops the ouch and that they can take the day off from school to relax. You can even tell them that the dentist will use special, cool-looking tools to get rid of what is hurting their tooth. 

Your child may have questions about the process or why they need to take medicine afterward. Take your time explaining to your child that the medicine helps them to feel better and that they won’t need it for long. Try to answer your child’s questions, but don’t be afraid to admit if you don’t know the answer. Just call My Kidz Dentist to speak to one of our providers. 

Reassure your child that you’ll be with them during their root canal and that people come to the dentist for root canals all the time. Tell them that they may not ever have to have a root canal again, but they’ll have to take better care of their teeth.

After the procedure, take your child through the proper steps for thorough oral healthcare: twice-daily brushing and flossing. 

In certain circumstances, children are simply too nervous to get the necessary care for their teeth. Dental anxiety is common among both children and adults, and that anxiety makes trips to the dentist unnecessarily uncomfortable. For children who could benefit from a more tender touch, we offer sedation dentistry at our practice. 

My child is complaining about a toothache. 

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, toothaches are never fun. It’s normal for a child to communicate when their tooth is bothering them, but some children may communicate non-verbally, like refusing sweets, hot or cold foods, or food, in general. Very young children may simply cry or become much fussier than they normally would. 

If it’s time for a check-up, call My Kidz Dentist at any of our three locations, or book an appointment with us online

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