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If you desire noninvasive cavity protection or treatment, visit the professionals at My Kidz Dentist in Phoenix, Arizona. Highly trained dental experts offer silver diamine fluoride to greatly reduce your child’s risk of developing tooth decay or to treat small cavities. Call your nearest office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Q & A

What is silver diamine fluoride?

Your child’s dentist uses silver diamine fluoride, a liquid, to prevent cavities from developing, getting bigger, or spreading to other teeth. It’s a noninvasive, painless, and highly effective treatment. Silver diamine fluoride consists of silver, water, fluoride, and ammonia, and it's approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

What are the benefits of silver diamine fluoride?

Some of the many benefits associated with treating teeth with silver diamine fluoride include:

  • Bacteria reduction
  • A lower risk of tooth decay
  • Reduced risks of cavity growth
  • A lower risk of cavities spreading
  • Noninvasive, comfortable treatment

The process of administering silver diamine fluoride requires no special equipment, and it’s highly effective with just one treatment per year.

Is silver diamine fluoride right for my child?

To find out if your child is a good candidate for silver diamine fluoride treatment, dental experts review your child’s health history and examine their teeth and gums. Your dentist also evaluates the results of their dental X-rays.

What happens during silver diamine fluoride treatment?

During treatment with silver diamine fluoride, your child’s dentist applies a liquid solution directly to the surface of their teeth. They remove moisture from the teeth prior to administering the silver diamine fluoride, and may use multiple applications. The procedure is fast and painless, without any downtime.

What should I expect after silver diamine fluoride treatment?

After treatment with silver diamine fluoride, your child can resume a normal daily routine. They can often skip brushing their teeth the day of the treatment.

To keep their teeth as healthy as possible between dental visits, encourage your child to brush their teeth (or help them brush when necessary) at least twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, and attend dental cleanings every six months.

Limit how much candy, sodas, and other sweet treats they eat in favor of fruits and vegetables.

Your child’s dentist may recommend silver diamine fluoride treatment once yearly, or fluoride varnishes several times per year depending on the condition of their teeth.

If your child has tooth decay or you’d like to lower their risk of cavities, call My Kidz Dentist or schedule an appointment online today.