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A trip to the dentist can be a difficult experience for most children, but it can be especially difficult if your child has special needs. Thankfully, the team of pediatric dental professionals at My Kidz Dentist in Phoenix, Arizona, has undergone specialized training to more effectively address your child’s special needs and provide gentle and effective dental treatment. To learn more about how My Kidz Dentist can give your special needs child a beautiful, worry-free smile, schedule an appointment today by calling the office nearest you or booking your visit online.

Special Needs Dentistry Q & A

What is special needs dentistry?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, special-needs dentistry is the specific dental treatment of patients with a physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory, or mental impairment, as well as those affected by an orofacial disorder or condition. Some of those conditions that benefit from a special-needs approach to dental care include, but are not limited to:

  • Downs syndrome
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism

Treatments in special-needs dentistry involve all of the same procedures as non-special-needs dentistry, such as routine examinations, cleanings, and fillings, but they’re done with an approach that embraces a deep understanding of the special-needs child’s unique condition.

Some special-needs children might also be more susceptible to oral trauma, gum disease, and tooth decay, as certain behavior therapies and medical diagnoses can sometimes prescribe diets or medications that can be taxing on their oral health.

The team at My Kidz Dentist are trained to be attuned to these particular needs in order to provide special needs children with the most effective dental treatments, both emotionally and medically.

How does My Kidz Dentist accommodate for special needs?

The dentists and staff at My Kidz Dentist are all deeply skilled and knowledgeable with providing the care that’s specifically tailored to make your special-needs child’s trip to the dentist more enjoyable and effective. This includes special training for anesthesia techniques, sedation, and behavior management.

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a slower pace in introducing new dental experiences in order to give your child more time to become familiar and comfortable. Other situations might call for sedation dentistry or nitrous oxide in order to make sure that your child doesn’t make any sudden and unexpected movements during treatment.

In all cases, the team at My Kidz Dentist will work to provide high-quality dental care for your child by building a relationship with them that’s based on sensitivity, trust, friendship, and creating an environment for them that’s warm, welcoming, and friendly.

How can I help my special needs child during their trip to the dentist?

There are plenty of steps that parents of special-needs children can take to enhance their child’s time at the dentist’s office.

Your special needs child might feel more relaxed if you stay in the room with them during their dental exam or procedure. If your child is small enough, it might help to have them sit on your lap with their head resting on your shoulder during their exam. If your child is too big for your lap, simply holding their hand can go a long way towards reducing anxiety.

To learn more about how the team at My Kidz Dentist can help make your special-needs child’s dental experience as positive as possible, schedule an appointment today by calling the office nearest you or booking online.